the Garden of sinners: Chapter 1 - Thanatos Blu-ray Anime Review

Based on the works by the people who eventually became Type-Moon, the Garden of Sinners is a multi-part murder mystery where each feature is essentially a new chapter in it. The original works were part of a doujinshi that gained a lot more attention after Type-Moon was created and the original works even showed up on a Tsukihime specials disc that was released earlier in the decade. With the growing popularity of it, and of Type-Moon itself, creating something serious, dark and fascinating certainly sounded up their alley for a series of features that are spread across the seven volumes that tell the tale. Titled as "Thanatos" and also as the "overlooking view" chapter, the opening feature sets us into this world with exactly that kind of mindset, to step back and look at the larger picture and to, as one of the characters says, see how even a mundane and pedestrian landscape can look amazing from the distance. The feature introduces us to Shiki, a young woman who has a prosthetic arm and is also someone with some spiritual ability, and Touko, a puppeteer who handles fixing Shiki's hand but also provides something of the dialogue portion of their relationship as she's always talking. And the talk this time around is about the number of school girls that are committing suicide in similar yet different ways across the area, throwing themselves to death with no notes and seemingly no rhyme or reason for it that the police can discern.

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