Otome Yokai Zakuro Episode #13 Anime Review

With Zakuro's origins having been detailed and the arrival of Kei and the others from the Ministry of Spirit Affairs where she was being held, Otome Yokai Zakuro has arrived at its finale and it's dealing heavily with the threat presented by the spider creature that's now attacking Omodaka, proclaiming her love for her. It's interesting to see how Kei, even after realizing what Omodaka is, still treats him as a superior officer and does his best to defend him in the middle of the fight. The yokai is certainly on the creepy side as it attacks and the combined defenses and attacks by the humans and half spirits against it are truly fitting with what we've seen so far in the series. That subplot of having these different types of people working together hasn't been beaten over our heads so when we see it fully in action here, it feels like an appropriate but not over emphasized conclusion to it.

The return of Zakuro to the land of the awake helps get the episode really into gear though as her persistence and determination to protect those she considers her family to be paramount. It is unfortunately far too short of a sequence though considering what has been going on, but it's also appropriate that Zakuro is skilled enough to dispatch it easily enough and even more so with what's driving her to protect her friends and family. But even this victory is bittersweet as we see the finale fate that awaits Zakuro's mother, which not only impacts her greatly but also that of Omodaka who can't believe he's lost her at last. It's a really nicely done emotional moment as everything is collapsing around them, literally and figuratively.

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