Gintama Collection 03 Anime DVD Review

After a bit of a delay, the third installment of Gin Tama brings out another thirteen episodes of the alien-Japan combination. The first two sets haven't done all that much for me, though sometimes I wonder if it's the whole too much at once kind of problem, but by and large it hasn't been the kind of humor that really gets me laughing on a regular basis. It has its moments and there are cute bits to be had, but as an overall series it's left me feeling fairly bland. A lot of shows have done these kinds of comedies before and it can really be hit or miss. Similar to past episodes, there's a lot of the basics that you get here, from Kagura trying to sell Gin's sword in order to make some money since she's become addicted to the shopping channel. Her disconnect with how the world works is amusing in this since she initially thinks that it's all free. That leads to a real amusing moment as Gin can't handle the thought of the bills for it all and sets to return it. Naturally, that has her trying to sell the sword at a time when he needs it most and it's a comedy of errors as she goes to all sorts of shops that thinks it's junk and refuse to deal with her. Kagura's not a character I care for all that much but she comes across really well here. A lot of this set left me feeling like it's unmemorable even after finishing it. That said, there is a significant arc throughout it that really had me interested in seeing where it would go. When Gin gets a real hard knock to the head, he ends up with a case of amnesia in which he hasn't a clue who anyone is or who he is. Of course, he's still pretty functional but Shinpachi and Kagura want to get him back on track so they take him back home to try and jog his memory. There are a lot of obvious and predictable gags here, but Gin really manages to make it work for a reason I can't quite pin down. It's the combination of his attitude and demeanor with the mixture of old Japan and science fiction.

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