Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 3 Anime Blu-ray Review

As Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood moves through the middle period of the series, it's covering some very interesting ground. Ground that does slow the show down a bit but is important for establishing more of what the larger picture is. The show opens with a look at the first encounter that Ed and Al along with Ling have with Father hidden deep under Central Command. Father is an interesting character at this point because he's gathering his sacrifices, his pawns, who are only just becoming aware of what their role is in things or that they even have a role. So much of what has come up until now has been reaction rather than being proactive as the brothers seek out a way to return to their bodies but ended up caught up in something far more. The encounter with Father has one very fascinating event that dramatically changed one of them though. While Ed and Al can't be dealt with all that harshly because of their position as sacrifices, Ling has no such luck and Father has Envy all set to brutally shred him. But there's always been that something about Ling that lets him get away with things and seeing him convince Father that he wants something more, enough to have Father imbue him with some of the material that makes homunculus, is positively creepy. That he becomes the new Greed, with Lings personality being consumed by it, makes watching the body of Ling move about even creepier. He has this air of confidence combined with the smoldering brutality just below the surface that's positively disturbing. 

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