Demonbane Episode #01 Anime Review

With its origins going back to an eroge game that was eventually adapted as a PS2 game, visual novel and more, it's also one that has found its home with an anime TV series that ran for twelve episodes back in the summer of 2006. Crunchyroll and Kadokawa have brought it out for streaming in late 2010, in a better late than never, as the show never got picked up for a US release even when the market still had some potential to it. Focusing on an odd-jobs man named Kuro who finds himself being caught up in bigger events while trying to just live his life, it's the kind of otherworldly fantasy style show that takes some time to get into its groove as it explores the basic setting and the characters who tend to go for the expected laughs and gags.

Kuro's something of a rarity as he's someone who has studied the occult and magical theory at the Miskatonic University and the field of study he went into is not one that's publicly known. While it seems like the world is very similar to the Earth we know, it has that edge of darkness to it with magic and the supernatural very much a part of things. Kuro's being hired to help look for a specific grimoire in the opening episode has him going further down into the realm of this area, especially when he meets a pale skinned raven haired beauty named Nya while searching for the book. Everything goes to hell even faster for Kuro as just a bit later, a girl literally falls from the sky onto his head, causing the obligatory nosebleed, right as a group called the Black Lodge arrives to capture her. With a bit of magic skill though, she's able to fend them off and suddenly finds herself needing Kuro's assistance.

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