the Garden of sinners: Chapter 3 - Remaining Sense Of Pain Blu-ray Anime Review

The third chapter of the Garden of sinners unfolds a few years after the flashback episode we had with the second chapter as Mikiya is fully engaged in his work for Touko. Or as engaged as can be as she just blew all the money she's made recently on a vintage Victorian Ouija board and can't pay him or herself at this point. So he's off to find himself a little money to be made to tide him over for the duration while Touko ends up accepting a job she'd rather not. A grisly series of murders occurred the night before in an abandoned bar which lead to numerous men being killed. Shiki's pretty much eager to take this on, as eager as she can be, as she feels that the person she'll have to confront is just like her in the end.

Crossed paths is the initial theme of the feature at this point as Mikiya had come across a young woman named Fujino on his way home the night before. She wasn't feeling right and in a type of pain, so he helped her out and even took her back to his place so she could collect herself. What he didn't know is that the woman was being taken advantage of in that bar just before then and was the root cause for the murders that Shiki would be investigating the next day. Fujino, who is also a friend of Mikiya's sister, is in a strange place where she can't seem to feel pain and isn't able to connect well to the world. The only time she can feel like others is when she's brutally killing them through a form of telekinesis, turning their bodies all which way. Her lack of feeling pain goes back to her childhood in a truly disturbing scene for any parent to see, but it highlights her issue plainly in a simple way.

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