Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode #13 Anime Review

With her powers gone, Panty has been turfed out on the streets by Garterbelt - "the bitchy angel is now just a bitch", as he so eloquently puts it himself. To make matters worse, it seems that the world around her is happily having sex - the one thing she's no longer allowed to do. Time passes, and Panty finds herself living on a farm and enjoying the farmgirl life - as much of a surprise to her as it is to us, it seems - but thoughts of her old life (and Brief) aren't far away. There's a rescue to be carried out, and Panty's the only person who can do it...

Right. Here we are, at the end of the series (or is it?). Going into the episode, I had a little mental checklist of what I wanted to see: some sort of conclusion to Corset's plans (which would of course feature the demon sisters); the return of Stocking, who was sorely missed in episode 12; and a few scenes that would make the whole thing live up to the promise of the Gainax Ending and leave me scratching my head and wondering what I'd just seen. It's Gainax, it's what we expect of them, right? Happily, I got to check all three items '" along with a few other things that genuinely surprised me, which is something I always appreciate.

You can split the episode into three segments: the first sees Panty regressing to life as a 'normal' farmgirl, as there's not much else she can do without her powers. It's certainly a change from the norm, and seeing Panty happy and not bitchy is surprisingly enjoyable to watch. Earlier in the season, they could have done a segment with this and it would have fit in perfectly '" here, though, there are too many other things that you want to see happen that you can't help but get a little impatient at waiting for the sh*t to hit the fan, which you just know is going to happen.

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