Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 Part 3 Anime Blu-ray Review

The third installment of the Dragon Ball Z Kai series is the one that I have to admit I was dreading the most. Back when Dragon Ball Z was first released on DVD, we went through numerous volumes of it from Pioneer and then FUNimation launched their DVD efforts with the volume focusing on the arrival of the Ginyu Special Forces. It did absolutely nothing to instill any faith in the franchise at that point, back when I had not read the manga and this was my first full exposure to bilingual Dragon Ball Z. So after avoiding the orange box releases a few years ago, I’m not back revisiting what I always felt was one of the lowest points of the series in genera and in the Freeza arc itself. And it’s still just as bad. Just shorter. Blissfully shorter. The Namek arc is one that does take a bit of time, though the streamlining is working well. This set opens with Kuririn and Gohan running around like crazy trying to keep at least on Dragon Ball away from either Freeza or Vegeta so they can’t invoke Shen Long. Which in turn frustrates just about everyone since it does drag things out a bit, but it makes perfect strategic sense. It can go on only so long though and it has to end with Freeza having all the balls, though things do change around so that Vegeta has them. When Freeza has them, it’s positively amusing because he doesn’t have the invocation needed to bring out Shen Long, so it’s running off to the Grand Elder to beat it out of him. Leaving the balls with some underlings or burying them is just plain stupid though for someone so powerful who could easily have another way of taking them with him. If you just acquired them all, would you leave them anywhere out of your sight?

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