Glass Mask Episode #30 Anime Review

The lengths Maya will go to in order for the play to carry on continues to be impressive as we saw her eat several of the mud balls that the mean spirited actresses placed out there for her in order to mess with her. Which of course could have ruined the play and caused a lot of trouble. But Maya's perserverance and dedication to the art is so strong that she made her way through it. More importantly though, it got her back on track with her acting in general after the revelations about her mother and her subsequent death. Maya had been put through a lot for a girl of any age but she's managed to find the right path again. And though Ayumi may not be a favorite character, she is at least quite honest about it and is actively looking forward to competing with her once again for the role of the Scarlet Angel.

Interestingly, with her wanting to really apply herself again, she wants out of Daito's contract and back with Tsukikage as she can't really work with Hayami anymore after what happened. While she's relatively welcomed back to living in the Tsukikage residence again with the other girls, whom she has managed to make amends with after all the confusion before, Tsukikage herself won't forgive her easily as she wanted her to see what the outside world is like and what's truly involved in being an actress. Thankfully, even with the way things are unfolding, Maya can't bring herself to give up in the slightest and tries every angle in which to return to acting. There aren't many opportunities left to her at this point but she finds a curious route with miming for children at first, which shows the way she'll find an opportunity anywhere and everywhere and will seize it.

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