Shiki Episode #22 Anime Review

Shiki has gone down a dark path at the end here, one filled with lots of bloodshed and chaos as the villagers have woken up to what has gone on in their village all this time. Seeing the tide turn from the slow and oppressive infiltration of the Shiki into the village to the villagers covered in blood, using rifles, shovels and more to go after them is intense and haunting. The Shiki, especially those of the main family that moved in, have seen themselves on the wrong side of events now and the visuals of them being firmly in control and almost giddy to being on the run, hunted and scared, is simply perfect. With only a few of them truly left at this point, it's coming down to finishing out the job that Toshio started when he killed the first one in front of everyone.

The final hunts are particularly brutal. In some ways you want to see them live on and escape, if only because they are so fearful. Sunako's fear is quite pronounced and made all the more powerful because of her appearance of a young girl. But even older ones are just as powerfully done. Megumi's story is crushingly hard to watch as she does her best to get out onto the main road to freedom but ends up being dealt with very harshly by the villagers that catch her. Running her over with farm equipment is cold to be sure, but thankfully the men doing all of this aren't treating it like a game and laughing about it all. While they're hurting by what they're seeing and doing, they also know that they're not truly human at this point and must carry out the job at hand. It's a delicate balance that the writers have to deal with here in scenes like this and they pull it off perfectly without going into camp and excess.

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