Naruto Uncut Season 04 Box Set 1 Anime DVD Review

Naruto barrels through another big chunk of filler episodes with this collection and it’s painting one very obvious picture. How in the world did the series survive this run of filler? Twenty eight episodes populate this set and we get a couple of longer stories, including one carried over from the previous set, as well as some standalone tales. These stories are really mediocre at best and are all entirely forgettable for the most part outside of the campy factor that’s kicked up for the standalone episodes that go for the laughs. But did they go for the laughs intentionally or did they end up degrading the show from its serious aspects that made up the really good material before the filler? The first comedy story is admittedly amusing in a way as it introduces the concept of ninja chefs. These chefs were originally created in order to provide better sustenance options for ninjas on missions instead of the tasteless pills that help them out. What they found out in the past though was that ninjas have no sense of moderation and would overeat on what they had and become plump and unable to perform their duties. The desire to cook well is still there though and the episode introduces one of those chefs whose daughter has been kidnapped. Naruto and friends have to help him out by cooking for the bad guy in order to free the young woman. Cook with ninja skills. It’s pretty bad but there’s a kind of camp factor here that kept me laughing at times when I knew I shouldn’t.

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