Princess Jellyfish Episode #11 Anime Review

Kuranosuke's idea of coming up with a jellyfish themed dress with Tsukimi and having her figuring out exactly what it needed to be taken to the next level was positively cute to watch. What's scary is just how much Tsukimi is getting into it now as Kuranosuke has essentially created a monster. A monster that's now tearing through the dresses he has, including, (amusingly enough) dresses that his mother has bought for him, which sends him into a bit of a spin since they have some sentimental value to him. Tsukimi has a couple of modes she goes into now, with her normal self, her beautiful woman mode and now her very determined mode where she's completely ignoring Kuranosuke as she uses him as the model for the dress designs she's working on.

Not surprisingly, a good part of this episode deals with the issue around the complex itself, including a comical mix-up at the start that leaves the ladies thinking the entire place has been slated for demolition and they have little hope of even getting their stuff out. While it is resolved quickly, it doesn't change the larger problem which has Tsukimi becoming very concerned about what's going to happen to the place and to their lives. It's cute that Tsukimi is still very focused on making the dolls in an effort to get the funds to buy the place, but Kuranosuke's making his pitch that it's really the dresses that will do it. It makes sense, but trying to get these bargain basement dressing ladies to understand about brand names and the kind of money specialty dresses can bring in is very difficult.

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