Tsubasa, RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE OVA Collection Anime DVD Review

After the lengthy and drawn out TV series from the Bee Train folks, Tsubasa takes a very different turn with the two OVA series that were released in conjunction with several volumes of the manga. I enjoyed a lot of the show overall with its combination of style, music and characters, but the series had its problems, especially as it didn't feel like it was getting anywhere for awhile and the second season didn't end on a good note at all with a less than engaging story. Yet what has endured are the characters and their basic story, tied to the way it plays so well within the whole CLAMP universe overall. Even if you left the series feeling unsatisfied, you generally found yourself still wanting more. The two OVA series, the first running three episodes and the second running two, ended up being handled by Production I.G. Which to me felt like it hewed more closely to the original character designs, especially in terms of height. It also felt a lot more mature and yet raw right from the start of the first series. The first OVA series doesn't pick up directly after the TV series from what I can tell, and I'm unsure of how much material may have passed between the two, but it doesn't seem to impact things all too much here as even though we're thrown into things, it all makes sense from what has been seen before.

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