11 Eyes Complete Collection Anime DVD Review

Based off the property that started off as an adult visual novel that then went to the console world, 11Eyes is a twelve episode series with a non-continuity OVA that came out in the fall of 2009 alongside a manga that's still running as of this writing. The visual novel to anime route is pretty normal for the last few years, both for normal ones and adult ones. The problem that you can have with the adult conversion ones is that once you remove the adult factor from it, you can wind up with something bland. With just twelve episodes to tell the tale, 11Eyes has a lot of ground to cover in order to achieve that. Unfortunately, I don't think it really succeeded in setting itself apart. The story of 11 Eyes is one that takes place in your fairly standard high school setting where we're introduced to Kakeru Satsuki, a young man who has been doubly hurt in his life. The first is the loss of his older sister seven years prior while the other is a problem with his eye where he has no real sight in it so he wears a surprisingly stylish patch over it. Kakeru is a pretty average student otherwise in that he's generally liked and doesn't seem to have any social or academic issues. What he does have is a girlfriend in all but name with Yuka, a childhood friend of his who dotes on him much the same way he dotes on her in various ways. The two are a bit much at times with how they interact without actually making it pretty plain as to where things really stand.

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