Bleach Episode #304 Anime Review

It's not too much of a surprise that Bleach is playing again in the realm of the filler story since they usually take a little time to get going each year after the break. In some ways you wish it was more like US TV in that they'd just air repeats for the duration rather than put the fans through things that the most vocal don't like, but ratings tend to not suffer too hugely and there's the fear of taking the brand off the air for too long at a time. What is strange is that while last weeks episode worked well as a New Year's themed story for the most part, this one feels like it belongs at Halloween as it deals with Franken-Ichigo.

With this being the kind of episode it is, plot really doesn't matter much as it's more about the gags and visuals that come up from it. Ichigo looks surprisingly good as a Frankenstein's monster character and some of his internal monologue bits reminded me of Ataru's brief time spent in the same role back in Urusei Yatsura. Rukia makes her appearances as a pint sized succubus in red leather with black wings that sits on Ichigo's shoulder to help get him where he needs to go. Hitsugaya's priceless as a wolfboy of some sort but it's Rangiku who makes you all warm inside as she wears a traditional anime style witches outfit. The Soul Society as viewed as a horror location is very well done, showing how it can be adapted into another form and still retain its charms.

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