Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #02 Anime Review

Going against the seeming tide of negativity over the first episode of the series, I came away from Rio: Rainbow Gate with a big smile on my face as it gave me a good deal of fanservice and fun that was empty. It is, after all, based on gambling games of sorts so expectations weren't high. But it exceeded what I've seen of certain collectible card gaming shows so there's something to be said for that. The opening episode introduced the Howard Resort fairly well and got some of the characters into place so that it can go forward with more simple fun revolving around the dealr named Rio who is the goddess of luck.

Her luck isn't so strong this time around though as she's found herself having to train a new dealer, a young and inexperienced woman named Ania Helsing. With Rio not wanting to do anything but be a dealer, she's nudged into training Ania which isn't exactly what she wants to do either, but finds herself with little choice. What this segment does is introduce us to the new girl but also to something biger in the series as we learn that there are thirteen specialty cards in the world from the dealers association called gate cards. They're exclusive and rare with a good deal of meaning to it for those that are dealers. Rio's earned one and has it kept in her room in quite the attractive container as it symbolizes juts how skilled she is as a dealer and it has some special memories of its own for her.

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