Vampire Knight Guilty Episode #05 Anime Review

The visions that Yuki's having are certainly getting to her, which is made worse by the overall atmosphere of the school, as she sees blood everywhere she goes and hears that haunting voice in her mind. It's easy to see her going down the path of insanity here as everything feels like it's conspiring against her. When she lashes out at Kaname, he's able to block it easily enough and does his best to try and calm her down. It's a curious sequence of events since Yuki obviously could see there's more going on with Kaname there, but it so wrapped up in her own issues that she misses part of it. Then again, with Kaname being in her dreams of the past, being off balance around him isn't too much of a surprise.

Zero has quite the scene here as well after he makes a mistake in a confrontation and finds himself losing quite bit of blood, forcing him to take sustenance from a place he would least like to since there's a whole lot of control issues coming from there. Zero's presence at the academy continues to be in the vein of being tolerated because of what he can offer to Yuki, but the sense that it's all hanging by a thread is very apparent here and fun to watch. The show manages to play with blood fairly well but avoids making it truly gratuitous or overdone. It's surprisingly restrained still as Zero gets his throat slashed and has to drink blood yet never becomes overly intense. Part of that is the nature of the show with its shoujo origins to be sure, where it's more about the mood than anything else.

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