Koihime Muso Complete Collection Anime Review

Based on the game of the same name, which also spawned a manga adaptation, Koihime Musou is a twelve episode series with an additional OVA that takes us back to second century China and introduces many, many, many women throughout its run as they deal with all sorts of adventures, trials and tribulations. The games have done well, spawning several sequels, and the anime has had a new season every year since this original one came out. Having not seen those even though they got a simulcast, I went into this show with no real expectations and quite the open mind. Based on the heavily mined story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Koihime Musou introduces us to Kan'u, Kan'u serves as the lead character for the series in that she's the one that the others are slowly drawn to. She's earned a reputation as a raven haired beauty who is skilled with in the art of fighting. Her travels have taken her all over the country to see the sights and to help deal with bandits where she comes across them as she has a solid sense of justice and what's right. Kan'u's the kind of decent character that has the right approach to things in not leaping into things, appraising situations appropriately and dealing with it without going to extremes. Sometimes things go awkwardly though, such as the opening episode where she ends up visiting a village that's under siege from a group of bandits that turns out to just be a bunch of kids. She's more amused by it than anything else when she discovers what's really going on and that the villagers themselves treat it in a similar fashion, even when they do things like vandalizing the mayor's house with a caricature of him on it. The group is lead by a young girl named Rin Rin who is all about having fun and getting into things, but she's a good kid overall. She's rather taken with Kan'u in the end and ends up being taken in by her as a sort of adopted younger sister. The two of them form the core of the series as they make their way back out into the world to travel around.

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