Vampire Knight Guilty Episode #06 Anime Review

Changes are definitely afoot in the school now that Kaname has made his play with Yuki, which is the kind of stress she didn't need on top of her blood filled visions she's had as of late. Kaname's move hasn't sat exactly well with some of the others that are managing things, but there isn't all that much that can really be done about it. The Cursed Twins themselves add a whole lot of uncertainty to the situation, especially now that Ichiru has come to the school and adds another air of uncertainty to everything that's going on. Combining all of this on top of the already complicated dual nature of the school and Yuki finds herself pressured from several different directions.

Kaname's taking on Yuki as his lover has certainly made a whole lot of people uncertain about what's going on. With her being treated differently now, Kaname is also getting uncertain looks from those that look up to him as they can't understand why he'd do that. But they also can't grasp why he's protected other people like Ichiru who is discovered to be in a position where it looks like he's about to kill Yuki. Kaname's refrain of not dealing with him directly or personally is certainly curious, and it leaves him a lot of wiggle room, but the statements and actions he's making have others wondering exactly what's going on in his head. All of it points to an approach they're not used to seeing their favored lord take.

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