Bleach Box Set 7 Anime Review

Shifting Bleach to smaller sets of twelve episodes is certainly an interesting approach and so far I think it's working fairly well as we get into the Arrancar arc of the series. The previous set had a good flow to it as it got back on track after a really long and uninteresting filler arc by bringing Aizen back to the forefront. With it being twelve episodes, it moved quickly, introduced a lot of material and kept the characters and the viewer on their feet. It also ended at just the right point by putting Ichigo on notice that he's lucky to be alive at this point and has to figure out what he needs to do in order to deal with this new enemy.

 Over the twelve episodes in this set, a fair bit of ground is also covered but it's more in the setup phase than a heavy action phase. There is a good bit of fighting, often through training, but it doesn't have the heavy feeling that we got in the first set. The opening side of the set works really well as it has Ichigo going to see Shinji and the other Visoreds since they have mastered the way to suppress their Hollow aspects. The battle of wills that takes place is almost amusing as Shinji tells him it's not a matter of him wanting it, it's a matter of their being willing to train someone who is worthy of joining them and that's all. Yet he doesn't want to join them, but he clearly has both the power and the need. Ichigo's nature gets him what he wants, but it's not exactly what he had hoped for.

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