Naruto: Shippuden Episode #194 Anime Review

Right from the start of this episode you know you're going to be in for something not altogether good. The episode title alone is a huge clue that you'll want to pass on this week, but what got me was just how off model and unappealing the character designs for Naruto and Sakura looked just in the first minute they're on screen. While we've seen Naruto really looking strong in the last main arc, more mature to be sure, here he looks like he was back in the first series except just wearing a different modified outfit. If it wasn't for that, you could easily place this as being back in that season without skipping a beat.

Naruto goes back to one of the earlier Team 7 missions as Kakaishi leads them after a group of thieves stole a precious Golden Statue and they've got to get it back. You can tell just how early it is because Sakura's all doe eyed and goofy over spending any amount of time with Sasuke while Sasuke and Naruto just bicker regularly. It's actually an appreciated moment because it allows Kakashi to shock all three of them with electricity to get them to focus. There are times when this small part of the cast could do with some dog training electric shock colors on all the time so that they can be broken of some truly bad habits. But that, unfortunately, is what drew a lot of people to the show early on so they could watch the goofy adventures of the orange clad ninja and his friends.

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