Fractale Episode #01 Anime Review

Developed by Hiroki Azuma and Mari Okada with manga, anime and a light novel series being serialized in Da Vinci, Fractale is an eleven episode series produced by A-1 Pictures and Ordet. With A-1 Pictures on something of a streak in the last year or two with the variety of shows they've been involved with and the general quality of them that allows them to stand out both in storytelling and character design, Fractale certainly has some expectations built into it before the first frame even comes on screen. The series gets the added fun of being part of the noitanimA block which has generally had something of an experimental feeling at times with shows that don't quite fit into the norm.

Taking place some time well after the 22nd century in which the world has achieved peace without any war or suffering as most everyone's basic needs are met, we're introduced to a young man named Clain who finds a piece of junk that tells of this future he's now living in from when the Fractale system was introduced that helped pave the way for this. It's an interesting moment as he thinks about how what was once promised as a bright and glorious future has come true. But that only helps to set the background a bit as suddenly a young woman comes flying in from nowhere while being chased by another craft that's shooting at her. Clain can't help but to give chase to see what happens since it's so out of the ordinary while being somewhat mystified by this attractive young woman who launches herself off of her craft in order to escape.

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