Wandering Son Episode #01 Anime Review

Based on the seinen manga by Takako Shimura which began back in 2002 and is still running, with eleven volumes release in graphic novel form as of now, Wandering Son is an eleven episode series by AIC Classic that definitely has a look and feel that is wholly appropriate for this slice of life drama series. The series focus is one that many have felt would be somewhat controversial if not outright unwanted, but it's the kind of story that needs to be told and given more exposure because of how many kids go through similar issues and feelings. The timing of this release is appropriate as well as Fantagraphics is bringing the manga over later this year, so those who get hooked on the show have the hope of seeing much of the manga.

The series focuses on an middle school student named Shuichi Nitori who is in just about every way your average kid. He's got friends, he gets by in his classes without doing badly but not standing out in any particular way. What sets this effeminate looking boy apart from other students is what's inside his head and the way he feels about himself. Along with a couple of other students who all have secrets that they think about, his is that he feels like he far prefers to be a girl than a boy as it feels much more natural to him. Along with him, there's a girl named Yoshino who feels similar but in the opposite direction as she's much more comfortable in boys clothes.

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