Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #02 Anime Review

Cardfight!! Vanguard is a show I'm trying to wrap my perceptions around by viewing it for what it is in two was. One way is that it is purely an advertisement for the game and all the stuff that will be coming out for it with this being something of a sampler and tease for it all. The other way is that since this show airs early Saturday mornings in Japan, it's akin to the kind of stuff I used to have as meager choices on TV at that time when you wake up and there's only mostly religious programming, news and a couple of cartoons. No matter how awful, you end up watching because you're a kid and you don't want to watch the other stuff while having your cereal and playing with your toys.

The second episode does some amusing things in a way at first here as Aichi plays against Kai with his Blaster Blade card. The effort he went through, considering his personality, to go after it shows how important it is to him. But not as a card to be played in the game as he wasn't engaging in cardfights prior to this match with Kai. There's a brief flashback as Aichi describes how he was when he was younger in that he was always getting picked on by other kids and bullied, which doesn't seem all that different from now. What changed him to some minor degree is that a certain someone saw him and gave him the Blaster Blade card and made some minor uplifting talk about standing tall and not taking crap from people. That card got Aichi into the game, or at least into building a deck of cards around the Blaster Blade because of that gift.

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