Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #40 Anime Review

Gauche is awake - and with full memories of being Gauche, and not just Noir. For both Sylvette and Lag it's a joyful day, and Gauche is soon allowed to go back home with Sylvette - although it's fair to say that Thunderland has his doubts about just how genuine Gauche's recovery truly is. With his homecoming being on the same day as Aria and Niche are due to return from their delivery, though, there are more than enough excuses for a party. But first Lag has a few deliveries to run - and until Niche returns, Gauche volunteers to be his dingo. But Thunderland believes that something's not right...

The problem, you see, is that if "Gauche" has only partially recovered his memories, he'll know enough to hoodwink Lag and Sylvette while still being Noir - and that would mean serious trouble. But this episode doesn't worry too much about such things, other than just raising the possibility - instead, we get an episode full of the joys of Lag and Sylvette being reunited with Gauche - and to be honest, you do begin to wonder whether Lag and Gauche should just get a room together at some points, such is the way they seem to be gazing into each others' eyes at points.

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