Uzumaki DVD Review

Kurozu-cho seemed an ordinary small Japanese town but sometimes the most abnormal things breed and grow in those quaint areas that none expect. From the start the audience is keyed in as the feature starts with a close up on a body that has blood sprayed around it. The camera then spins the view and pulls back as it goes up the center of a spiraling staircase and the body can be seen lying on a spiral patter on the ground at the center of the staircase that it fell from. A quick transition brings us to the main character Goshima Kirie as she looks over her town. She notices that she is late and when she runs toward the gates of the temple an ill wind blows past her causing her pause. She shrugs it off as she is in a hurry to meet up with someone early in the morning. Her life isn’t all perfect as she has a stalker who won’t leave her alone and her would be boyfriend Shuichi is a bit distant but these are not new things in her life. Though the first sign of oddness sneaks into her life as she comes across Shuichi’s dad as he is mesmerized by a snail’s shell as it crawls up a wall. She dismisses this and meets up with Shuichi at their usual spot on their journey to school.

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