Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #15 Anime Review

A quiet moment on the beach. Romantic moonlight. A beautiful woman with a man. Kissing? No, wrong show. It's Kyousuke and Excellen having a chat about Alfimi. They were both rather weirded out by her, and would really like to know why the creepy little girl knows so much about them. But we don't have time for romantic scenes or idle chatter. The fight to retake North America continues, with many things on the line. The next target is the Tesla Reich Institute, the special research lab in Colorado that the Inspectors have seized. Things do not look too good for Filio and friends, but help is about to come. Two unknown units trigger the alarms in the base, though the chief Inspector there scoffs at the idea.

But it's Elzam and Sanger. The Inspectors might be outnumbered.

While Sanger distracts the Boss, Elzam breaks into the facility and frees the researchers (with a little help from the old sword master Rishu Togo). They need to get to two special units that are hidden deep beneath the Tesla Institute, important reinforcements for Sanger who, powerful as he is, is outmatched by Vigagi's unit. Just when things look worst for Sanger, however, Wodan appears, the Shadow Mirror version of himself. While Vigagi thinks that Wodan is on his side, he has to think again when Wodan attacks. He does so, because Wodan desires most of all to face Sanger, the original off whom he is cloned, in combat, so that he can truly be himself, and not a mere clone.

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