Cross Game Episode #41 Anime Review

The lives of the guys playing for Seishu has certainly gotten more interesting now that Junpei has signed on to do batting practice with them as the coach has been injured a bit doing things he shouldn't have. With Aoba helping with pitching coaching and Junpei on the batting side, the team is getting worked over well with people who have enthusiasm and serious connections to some of those involved. They're all making progress and even the players recognize that there's something special in the coaching that's going on that may give them the edge.

The personal side of the show is where things usually shine and this episode is no exception. Azuma's birthday is about to hit and Ko is doing his best to nudge things along about it by reminding Aoba about it constantly, though he tries to play it up by giving her money to get a cake for him and he'll bring him over to her place. It's cute how he's working the situation in a way to help those two get a bit closer together, but at times it's hard to tell if it's really conscious or not. The way Aoba deals with it seems to be conflicted at times because she pushes back on Ko that she can afford a cake herself and doesn't need the constant reminders, yet in the end she doesn't actually do anything. While she deals with this, she's also getting to know Akane better and the two even play a little catch together and talk about Wakaba some, though more about the relationship she and Ko had when they were kids. It's a charming and disarming segment that shows how the mild frost between them has definitely thawed.

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