Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode #02 Anime Review

The opening episode of the series showed us just how awkward life as a zombie can be for young Aikawa with what he has to go through on a regular basis. What took it to the next level was introducing the fact that he actually is a magical girl of some sort now which lead us to a transformation sequence that made many cringe, but also laugh as he topped it off with the right sounds and a big ass chainsaw with his name on it. Living with the women he does now would seem like a positive but you know he's only going to see the rough parts of it all, but he does at least seem to treat Yuu very politely and with a certain kind of affection and respect. Haruna he has a little less respect for since she's caused enough problems by simply being around which caused his acquisition of her magical girl powers.

Aikawa's life is the kind where when things happen, nobody really blinks an eye. During a relatively quiet dinner with the two women he's now living with, a beautiful and busy raven haired women simply materializes in front of them. Introducing herself as Seraphim as everyone just sort of blandly listens to her, she's here for something but Yuu just writes down that it'll be best to simply send her away rather than get involved in her mission which has her asking Yuu for help, though she refers to her as Hellscythe. Seraphim's all about talking about her special secret sword technique with everything she says but Yuu is simply very dismissive of her overall. It's a very mellow and almost laid back quiet introduction for a new character and you can sort of feel Aikawa's internal sigh over having someone else around now.

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