Black Butler Season 1 Part 1 Anime DVD Review

Based on the manga series by Yana Toboso which began in 2006 and is still ongoing, Black Butler is a twenty-four episode series that takes us to the realm of 19th century England. The manga and this first season of the anime scored quite a lot of fans during its initial release and the cosplay crowd really took it to heart as well with numerous incarnations of a few key characters throughout the 2009 season. Going into this show was kind of awkward as I had missed it the first time around but watched the simulcast of the second season so I have a familiarity of it going into but from a very different perspective based on how that season went. The series takes place in the Victorian period of England where we're introduced to a young Ciel Phantomhive who is about twelve years of age. He's the master of his mansion as his parents died some three years prior in a fire that destroyed everything. In the time since then, he was essentially missing only to return to a mansion that was rebuilt down to the same exacting details of the first. And with his return, he's come with a butler named Sebastian who tends to his every need and carries out his every order. There are other servants that work there carrying out chores inside and outside of the mansion, but they're there largely for comedic effect more than anything else. At times they prove useful but I found them to be more of a distraction than anything else from the show.

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