Bleach Episode #305 Anime Review

Filler episodes can be pretty divisive among fans for a number of reasons and there's even the contingent that would rather have no episode at all. To which I simply say, don't watch it until you know they're back. Just pretend it doesn't exist. Bleach's filler stories are pretty hit or miss depending on the person, the characters involved and your mood at the time as well. Last week's episode involving the monster-fied versions of the cast worked exceedingly well for me compared to the majority of filler episodes, but I knew better than to get my hopes up for a two-fer with this series.

What Bleach wants to play with this time around is something that actually works pretty well in concept. Soul Reapers don't spend every second of every day hunting Hollows or doing work. They also have something of a social life, and we see that in Seireitei with a look at Hisagi's life. He's an up and coming squad lieutenant for Squad 9 but he's also the EIC for the newspaper there. And, as we see, he does a lot of little social things to. Amusingly, he's called out early on about how a lot of the extra duties he picks up are all designed around the idea of impressing Rangiku since he has the hots for her. It's kind of cute watching the way he gets all flustered about it and tries to change the subject.

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