Pretty Little Liars TV: Season 1, Episode 15 Review - "If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again"

This week's episode "If At First You Don't Succed, Lie, Lie Again" brought up the choose factor with plenty of anti-bullying and anti-drug plugs. As if life wasn't difficult enough for Emily, the swim captain makes her existence a living hell as she attempts to blackmail her, and even tries to drown her. Also, A won't seem to get off Hanna's back as she tries to force her to sabotage Aria and Mr. Fitz's first real date... but will she take Spencer's advice and just stand up to A once and for all? Speaking of Spencer, find out what happens when she questions Ali's brother Jason about the mysterious picture they found last episode. Turns out Ian's not as squeaky-clean as he made everyone else believe. Also, Spencer finally comes clean to the girls about whose shadow it is in the photo, and what exactly happened that night prior to Ali's death. Get Heather's full review and recap of Monday's Pretty Little Liars by checking out the video in the link below!

Pretty Little Liars 1.15 Review


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