Vampire Diaries TV: Season 2, Episode 12 Review - "The Descent"

Vampire Diaries is back with the second half of season 2! We return with lots of Rose drama, whose werewolf bite only seems to have gotten worse since the last time we saw her. While Damon's off seeking Jules' advice on how to treat a werewolf bite, Rose is left with Elena, who can barely keep Rose's fangs off her due to her likeness to Katherine. Will Damon spare her undead life, or is she too much trouble to keep under wraps? When Stefan returns, he doesn't bring Isabel... but he does have a different unexpected guest in tow. Find out who it is, and when we can look forward to an epic werewolf vs. vampire battle by checking out Heather's full review in the link below!

Vampire Diaries 2.12 Review


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