Supernatural TV News: Supernatural Fans Lash Out At The CW! - 1/31/11

After The CW's controversial decision to push back the long-anticipated midseason premieres of Supernatural and Smallville last Friday, fans of the beloved shows have been fighting back and lashing out at the network, even threatening to boycott. Especially now that the CW's reason to do so -- to ensure a successful return of Vampire Diaries and Nikita against the Thursday timeslot's competition with American Idol -- ended up being rendered unnecessary, will the fans ever forgive the network? Something tells me that after this week's actual premieres, they'll be stoked enough to forget their frustrations. Also, Heather weighs out how she thinks Supernatural will fare up against new timeslot competitor Fringe. Check out all the scoop in the link below!

Supernatural TV News: 1/31/11


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