Top 10 Jersey Shore Catchphrases

Over the past three seasons, the Jersey Shore crew have come out with some gems that have gone from being just another great OMG! quote, and transcended into the realm of truly memorable (and hilarious!) catch phrases. So without further ado, here's a list of our favorite Jersey Shorecatchphrases thus far.

10) Vinny: "It just so happens our initials are MVP. Mike, Vinny, Pauly. We are the MVPs."
Guys, please let Ron into your little boys' club so he'll finally move on from Sam already!

9) Everyone: "I’m trying to get it in."
We think everyone on the show has uttered this old chestnut at least once before — it's basically the Jersey Shore battle-cry before a truly epic one-night stand.

8) Pauly D: "Oh, yeeeah!"
After watching at montage of Pauly screaming "Oh, yeeeah!" at the Season 2 reunion, Jenniwondered whether or not Pauly was developing Tourette syndrome. Little did she know, this is actually how all people from Rhode Island talk.

7) Deena"I’m a blast in a glass."
We think she's already proved that she's less of a blast, and more of a nuclear explosion.

6) Snooki: "Snookin' for love."
More like "Snookin' for love in all the wrong places."

5) Everyone: "I'm gonna do me, you do you."
Ah, the much used Jersey Shore catchphrase that makes every English teacher and grammar enthusiast beg for mercy.

4) Pauly D: "Cabs are heeeeere!"
We think it's nice that Pauly reserves so much enthusiasm for something other than his much manicured hair.

3) Mike: "It’s a Situation."
Sure, this one's a little tired and groan-worthy — but we have to hand it to Sitch: he's turned a mostly cringe-worthy comment into a multi-million dollar, world-wide brand. He's like the Oprah of shake-n-bake abs.

2) The Boys: "It’s T-Shirt time!
The boys only get excited about three things in life: cheap booze, cheap women, and t-shirt time.

1) Mike: "G.T.L., baby. Gym, tanning, laundry."
And with this Number 1 quote, The Situation gave voice to an entire generation of disenfranchised guidos. God bless you, The Situation. God bless you!



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