The Lying Game - Advanced Review from SideReel's Yael

As part of the SideReel editorial team I was asked to check out the upcoming ABC Family show, written by PLL author Sara Shephard, called The Lying Game - which, when said a loud, sounds a lot like The Lyon Game. In fact, everything about this show sounds a lot like something else. Mostly something else we've already seen. 

For example, Alexandra Chando stars as these 2 girls who were separated at birth - Bay is wealthy & Daphne is poor…  no, wait thats Switched At Birth. This is about Sutton and Emma- Sutton is wealthy and Emma is poor. But then one of the girl's go missing and everything is shrouded in mystery, secrets, and lies… Alison? No thats Pretty Little Liars… what show am I talking about again? 

The Lying Game … which sounds a lot like that Lindsey Lohan movie The Parent Trap.. no, that Mary Kate & Ashly movie It Takes Two, I mean Switching Goals, I mean… you get the picture. I'm starting to wonder, how will this show be different than all the others that came before- and how will it make sure we watch long enough to see the difference. 

Even the cast feels used: Blair Radford was taken from Switched At Birth (where he played sexy Ty from the wrong side of the tracks), Allie Gonino is from the canceled ABC Family remake of the film, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Alice Greczyn is from Make It or Break It

Embarrassing as it may seem, I'm a PLL fans - so I guess I'll give this one a chance. I mean, if I could give pilot episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King a full hour of my attention, why not The Lying Game. 

The Lying Game premieres on Monday, August 15th on ABC Family.


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