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Julianne Moore and Steve Carell (The Office) star in this hilarious and beautiful film about love, family, and finding yourself. 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' (which should trade titles with the 2003 film Love Actually) teeters between a straight rom-com and a warm coming-of-age film. Sometimes you're on the verge of sobbing- you feel the tears well up in your eyes, you prepare to just loose it in a theater, but just before one can drop, you're laughing uncontrollably. 

Cal (Carell) and Emily (Moore) are high school sweethearts who've been married for 25 years. When Emily announces that she has slept with another man, David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon) [a name that by the end of the movie you will not be able to forget], and wants a divorce, Cal moves out and spends a lot of time moping around. Enter Ryan Gosling's Jacob - a suave playboy who bounces from beautiful woman to beautiful woman in a frenzy of aggressive come-ons and weird yiddish words - who becomes a mentor to Cal attempting to help him re-find his manhood. How does Jacob do this? Well, like all makeover sequences in movies, shopping is involved. (Also Jacob spouts meaningless life lessons, referencing The Karate Kid, on how to treat women.) 

While hitting on woman at the bar Jacob meets the beautiful Hannah (Emma Stone) his Game-Changer. [Honestly, I was more amused by Hannah's desperately horny best friend, Liz, played by Liza Lapira (NCIS Dexter Traffic Light)] The story floats between 3 main romances, watching three generations of men attempt to woo their respective women: Cal, Jacob, and Cal's son Robbie - played by the loveably awkward Jonah Bobo. Robbie is in love with his babysitter Jessica (Analeigh Tipton of America's Next Top Model cycle 11) who is in love with Cal. The love stories grow and get more complicated - for example Jessica's father thinks that she and Cal are having an affair - the words Love and SoulMate get thrown around A LOT, and then a twist… a twist that should've been so incredibly obvious, but for some reason you don't see it coming.

I fell in love with the cast of this film, especially Joey King (Ramona and Beezus), my new favorite 12 year old. But also seeing familiar faces like Marisa Tomei, John Carroll Lynch, and Josh Groban (yeah, that Josh Groban) really made this film work completely. Highly recommended as a great date-night movie. I swear, its not too chick-flick-y. 

-Yael Tygiel


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Aug 4, 2011 1:05PM EDT

It *WAS* Josh Groban! I wasn't sure. I agree. Overall this film was far less chick-flick-y than anticipated. Well done and highly enjoyable.

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