The Lucky One (2012) - SideReel Review by Rachel Levy

Zac Efron is all grown up in "The Lucky One", playing US Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault. Logan has returned from a tour of duty in Iraq with a photo he found of the lovely Beth, to whom he attributes his survival. Logan determines that Beth lives in Louisiana (the movie suggests he is able to pinpoint her location due to the presence of a lighthouse in the photo; there are more than 1000 lighthouses in the United States, so we'll assume that his detective skills are superb) and therefore picks up his belongings and walks on over to Louisiana - from Colorado - to find her. Once determining that Beth - played by Taylor Schilling, whom most SideReel fans will recognize from her work on the TV series Mercy - works at a local family-run kennel, he wanders in, charms her mother (played by Blythe Danner) into hiring him and warms his way into everyone's hearts.

"The Lucky One" is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, and therefore likely reminds you of many other movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels ("Dear John", "The Notebook") for a good reason. Therefore, one hopefully enters into the film with no higher expectations than to see a sappy love story - featuring 2 beautiful people - that you will know how things end before even beginning to watch. If you were expecting much more, you will probably leave disappointed. That being said, this was one of the better Nicholas Sparks adaptations in recent years (trailers are hailing it as the best one since "The Notebook") as the bulked-up Efron eye candy combined with cute dogs, a cute mom, a cute kid and beautiful shots of Louisiana made for an entertaining enough 100 minutes, contrived plot and all.

The Lucy One is rated PG-13 and is playing in Theaters Everywhere.

- Rachel Levy


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