SideReel Review - That's My Boy (2012) starring Adam Sandler & Andy Samberg - by Yael Tygiel

That's My Boy (2012)

Adam Sandler & Andy Samberg team up in That's My Boy, a juvenile comedy about an 80's teenage boy named Donny who falls in love with, and impregnates, his teacher (played by the beautiful Eva Amurri Matrino).  Fast forward to present day, the love-child is all grown up and has forsaken his given name "Han Solo Burger" to attempt living a normal life as Todd (Andy Samberg).

The plot unsteadily relies on Donny (Adam Sandler) who, after making his way to celebrity status for "living every boy's fantasy", attempts to reconnect with his son / earn the money he needs to avoid prison after evading taxes.  

Although the plot is weak (and you can't help but notice the similarities to Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, etc) the cast is, as always, hilarious! I loved seeing TV drama stars like Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester and Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia try to tackle comedy... at least they're taking steps in the right direction. And of course, it wouldn't be Happy Madison production without awesome big-wig cameos: Vanilla Ice & Todd Bridges, Ciara, Susan Sarandon, Colin Quinn, Nick Swardson, Will Forte, James Caan. 

If you're an Adam Sandler fan - which I am - then you're going to see this movie, good reviews or bad. If you don't like Adam Sander flicks, then this isn't the one that's going to change your mind. Stay in and rent his surprisingly funny and cute, Just Go With It. 

That's My Boy is rated R and is now playing in theaters everywhere.

-Yael Tygiel


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