Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 16, "Hunt": Rick Castle Goes Liam Neeson

And we’re back for the second part of the drama-packed, nail-biting February sweeps episode of Castle Season 5, "Target." As a quick refresher, Alexis has been snagged by some angry kidnappers who were targeting her friend Sara and have a thing for travelling to the other side of the globe.

Sara is the daughter of a wealthy Egyptian businessman, and her kidnappers quickly demand 15 million euro for the safe return of Sara and Alexis. They orchestrate a trade by the Seine River in Paris, and Sara is safely returned. But what about Alexis?

This redhead is in hot water. She’s no longer a necessity for the kidnappers, and now she’s just in the way. But Castle’s not willing to accept the blood-covered outcome everyone’s predicting for his daughter.

He gives Beckett and his mother the slip (teenage sleepover-style) and flies out to Paris to take his little girl home. He’s reached the end of his rope and with pleading tears in his eyes gets an old friend to put him in contact with a mysterious bearded assassin who promises to find his daughter — dead or alive.

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  • The strange French "detectives" use the symphonic sounds of the sewers to decrypt Alexis’s Skype session and find the office space where the kidnappers were keeping his girl. Unfortunately, they were too late and all that’s left of Alexis is a strand of her fiery hair. 

    Back in New York, Kate Beckett’s doing everything she can to save her man, including adapting a Bronx accent and abusing the girlfriend of a now-dead kidnapper. Homegirl literally kicks the chair out from under this sassy GF and goes all combat on her ass.

    This leads the detectives to a ransacked apartment and a computer drive. But send that to tech because someone as badass as Kate Beckett doesn’t have time for gadgets. When the techies decode the drive, they see multiple surveillance images of Alexis, proving she was, in fact, the target of the attack.

    But why? Was someone offended by the extreme cheesiness that is her video blog? Or is it deeper than that?

    Meanwhile, it seems Castle has picked the right friends. Sure, he wants to be Liam Neeson, but in the words of Esposito, he’s barely Ashley Judd. So his new bearded assassin is the French Liam Neeson, and those of you who have seen Taken know that Liam always gets what’s, well, taken from him.

  • Photo Credit: Christopher Heyerdahl / ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney
  • Unfortunately, "Liam" is working for the other side and arranges a trade that includes several masked (yet angry-looking) men with machine guns to take away our favorite mystery writer. But before they can shoot Castle in the head (and fully induce our cardiac arrest), someone guns them all down.

    The gunman goes by the fake name "Jackson Hunt" and has been spotted at the farmhouse where the kidnappers first took the girls. And for some reason the kidnappers seem pretty hell bent on taking down this white-haired Secret Agent Man.

    It turns out, Salt & Peppah is partially responsible for Alexis’s kidnapping … all because he’s her gramps! That’s right, Castle’s long-lost papa is finally in the picture, and it seems he’s got a bit of a flavorful past. Alexis’s kidnapper is Gregory Volkov, a KGB spy who wants Castle Sr.’s blood. Castle’s father is a CIA operative who killed a member of Volkov's family and put him behind bars (until he escaped).

    Papa Castle has been checking in on Rick and co. his entire life, from giving him Casino Royale, the book that inspired Castle to become a writer, to keeping an eye out for his granddaughter.

    And now Gregory wants to trade Alexis for her grandfather, taking his life in the process. But naturally this top-notch spy is one step ahead of the bad guys and knows where and how they’re keeping Lexi.

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  • Castle busts into the building to plant explosives, but gets caught by the kidnapper’s crew. Now he’s blindfolded and trapped in the same place as his little girl. Natch, it’s all planned by Castle’s pa and our favorite father/daughter duo gets out just fine.

    But that means that Castle must say goodbye to his father after having spent decades without him. Castle and Alexis return to NYC with a big greeting from Martha and a terrified hug from Beckett. And Rick’s dad manages to let him know that he made it through unharmed when he sends him a copy of, you guessed it, Casino Royale. Aww!

    All's well that ends well. And if this episode has taught us anything, it’s that Castle’s always right and Alexis should have never gone to college or started a video blog. The next time you want to overshare about the beauties of freshman year, tell your RA, girlfriend!

    Was this mid-season climax everything you could have hoped for? Tell us your thoughts below!

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