Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Season 3, Episode 16

Don't blink, or you'll miss some awesome drama on RHoBH in this episode! On this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 16, Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Richards have issues — and then Lisa and Kyle Richards have issues. So hop on your Segway, chop off some duck heads, and toss a key in the river!

The Key to Happiness

At the start of the episode, "The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Deux," Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville go for a jog along the Seine, and you can guess whose idea that was (hint: It wasn’t Brandi’s idea). 

The two bond while they reminisce on their modeling days in the city, and then they prove that they can both do impressive cartwheels. All we can say is, the gymnastics on this show are much less embarrassing when there’s no alcohol involved.

Meanwhile, Mauricio and Kyle have a sweet moment of their own, as they fasten a lock to a fence and throw the key into the river. Littering has never looked so cute.

Lisa and Ken Todd take a stroll with Kim, and while Kim is making sense for the most part, she still seems to be slurring her words. In fact, based on Kim’s reaction to seeing a guy on a bike, you’d think this was the first time Kim had ever seen a person balancing on two wheels before. Needless to say, Lisa is concerned.

Kim goes off to her room, while Lisa and Ken meet Yolanda at Notre Dame. Yolanda and Lisa share a fear that Kim may take some meds before bed and not wake up. Lisa also teases Yolanda about never having been "on top." For someone who apparently doesn’t care for sex, Lisa certainly has it on the brain an awful lot.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

The ladies are meeting up to attend a cooking class when they realize Kim is nowhere to be found. Uh-oh. Yolanda and Kyle bang on Kim’s door and realize that Kim has overslept, but there are no signs that Kim has broken her sobriety. Let’s hope that’s the case.

Kyle and Lisa both bring up Kim’s issues with punctuality during last year’s trip to Hawaii, and we couldn’t help but be reminded of last season when Kyle and Lisa went to fetch Kim for the morning boat ride in Hawaii, and Lisa said she was hoping to see Kim and her boyfriend Ken having sex.

In the car ride to the cooking class, Lisa makes cracks about how Kim was sleeping after hanging out with her, which Kim does not appreciate. When everyone gets out of the car to attend the cooking class, Kim and Kyle stay in the car to talk about how Kim was hurt by Lisa’s comments. In other words, things are heating up, and we’re not talking about anything on the stove top.

When Lisa realizes that Kim and Kyle are still in the car, she leaves the kitchen to join them. Kim and Kyle both tell Lisa to give them a moment, but Lisa lingers, continually asking if she should cancel the class. We do love Lisa, but we must say that she should have taken Brandi’s advice and given the sisters some space. And no, we don’t often recommend taking Brandi’s advice.

Brandi Writes a Romantic Message on Her Plate

Finally, Kim and Kyle head into the kitchen, and everyone’s spirits are somehow lifted by the chef chopping off the heads of the ducks. The cooking class ends up being a blast, with Brandi flirting with the chef (what else is new?) and Yolanda wishing they were cooking steak instead of turnips.

At dinner, we see that Kyle has drawn a heart on her plate with the sauce, while Brandi has written "F.U." on her plate. No surprise there. The men join their wives for dinner, and things are going fine until Lisa catches Mauricio up on her tension with Kim. Yolanda hears Lisa’s whispering about Kim and promptly tells her to stop. Good call, Yo!

The next day, the group goes shopping, as they try on expensive bags and funny hats. Then, as they all leave the store, Mauricio surprises Kim with the bag that she’d had her eye on. Aww! Everyone is touched by this gesture, as Kim says it seemed very heartfelt.

Mauricio meets up with Ken again for a fun-filled jaunt through Paris on Segways. Somehow, these guys made riding a Segway look like a blast, which we didn’t think was possible. Let’s face it: Ken and Mauricio are adorable together, as they’ve somehow managed to put their feud from a few weeks ago behind them. Let’s hope that lasts.

Tower of Terror

The ladies to the Eiffel tower, but while they’re up there, Kyle decides she still needs to clear the air with Lisa. The two go off and talk, with Kyle bringing up the fact that Lisa told Kim that her relationship with Kyle had changed. Lisa stands by that assessment, as she is still hurt by comments Kyle has made about her.

Then, Kyle mentions that Lisa cares more about Brandi than she does about Kyle. Lisa says that’s silly, while Kyle tells us that Lisa and Brandi seem mismatched as friends. Eventually, Lisa and Kyle get goofy, with Lisa kissing Kyle, but it’s clear that the tension lingers.

Meanwhile, as Brandi and Kim watch this all going down, they actually start to bond. Brandi tells Kim that she’s dating, but that she’s not seeing anyone she’s particularly crazy about. Then, Kim tells us that she’s feeling a lot closer to Brandi. Yes, we’re still in shock to have heard Kim say that!Trouble in Paris-dise

So what did we think of the episode? Well, the Lisa-Kyle drama was tough, since it really seems as if their friendship can never fully recover, as hard as they try to make it work.

We wish Lisa could have been a little more sensitive toward Kim before the cooking class. We were also quite surprised to see Yolanda butt heads with Lisa. Then again, we love the fact that Yolanda doesn’t care about offending Lisa and instead wants to stand up for Kim.

But the best part of the episode was seeing all the various friendships that are thriving. Ken and Mauricio continue to be the cutest buddies ever, and Mauricio also impressed us with his gift to Kim. Plus, we’re still in awe with how Brandi and Kim seem to actually like each other.

We can’t wait for even more French fun next week! In the meantime, we could use a snack anything but duck.

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