Grey's Anatomy Recap: Season 9, Episode 17 — Seattle Grace Is No More

Jackson’s mom may have bought him a hospital, but he’s the one who has to run it. And as we learned on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9, Episode 17: "Transplant Wasteland"), it’s not going to be easy — especially when Owen quits and the hospital tailspins into disarray.

With Jackson at the helm, Seattle Grace is every bit as disorderly as it was during Pegasus’ invasion. The doctors don’t take him seriously, his mother (aka his boss) won’t stop calling him "sweetheart" and "baby" in the boardroom, and the Avery Foundation wants to implement some serious changes at Seattle Grace — starting with Owen.

The Avery Foundation believes that a change in leadership would boost morale at the hospital, which ultimately puts Owen on the chopping block. Meredith, Derek, Arizona, Callie and Cristina are obviously opposed to this idea (no matter how many donuts Jackson tries to bribe them with). Not to mention the Foundation also doesn’t know if reopening the ER would be lucrative for the hospital. After the unsettling meeting, Cristina tells Owen about the board’s plan to fire him.

This leads to a heated exchange between Owen and Jackson. Owen is tired of everyone lying to him and takes his frustration out on Derek, who tries to break up Owen and Jackson’s tiff.

However, Owen goes a little too far, and Derek snaps. "You don’t want to get in for who’s responsible for all of this," yells Derek. Yikes. This is an uncomfortable conversation. In the final moments of the scene, Owen shockingly quits. Cristina goes after him, but the damage is done; Owen is done with Seattle Grace..

Maybe he was fed up with being jerked around, or maybe he still feels guilty for the plane crash that killed Lexie and Mark, but needless to say, without Owen, Seattle Grace falls to a state of total chaos. Meredith is in charge of organizing the surgery board, but with limited resources and multiple transplant surgeries, it’s not the easiest task.

Cristina has two patients (former friends) who both need a heart — one, gets a donor, while the other is forced to come to terms that the only way he’ll survive is if he takes his old rival’s heart. Meanwhile, April’s patient is suffering from ALS, and instead of prolonging the inevitable, he takes his death into his own hands. He plans to donate his organs immediately after being taken off his ventilator. However, April urges him to fight. He may not have a lot of time left, but she wants him to keep fighting. 

As for Alex, he’s feeling a little upset that all of his former friends are now his bosses. That’s right: Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Arizona and Callie are all officially on the board. Not to mention Alex is still dealing with his feelings for Jo, who seems super into her OBGYN beau. So Alex does what he always does and pushes everyone away. He even takes his anger out on his teenage transplant patient — who dubs him Dr. Douche Face. With the hospital in disarray, Jackson is struggling to keep himself afloat. Did his mother push him into the deep end too soon? Richard is concerned that if Jackson fails on the board, he may never recover. After all, it’s only his first day and his Chief of Surgery has already quit and Bailey is already going against his orders. Speaking of Owen, Cristina tells Derek he needs to stop blaming Owen for the plane crash. He already feels guilty enough. That’s when McDreamy realizes it’s not Owen he’s mad at — it’s the world. More specifically, he’s mad at Mark. Owen and Derek make up, and for a second it looks like a budding bromance. Back at Seattle Grace, April’s patient fires her. She doesn’t understand why he’d just want to give up, but in his eyes, he isn’t giving up: he’s giving others the chance to live. Meanwhile, Meredith and Jo hop on a plane to pick up a kidney for Alex’s patient, but when they get to their destination, they realize the organ has been sent back to Seattle Grace without them. Um, rude. It turns out that’s one of the protocols Pegasus implemented. When the kidney finally gets to Seattle Grace, it’s surgery time. But there’s one tiny problem: they’re overbooked. April’s transplant patient is trying to die in peace in OR 1, while Alex and Cristina fight for OR 2. Enter Jackson, who for the first time, takes control of the situation and effectively acts like the boss. Even Bailey is impressed! 

So it’s not really a surprise when he steps into their next board meeting armed with a few changes of his own. Not only does is he offering Owen his job back, but he also plans to do away with all Pegasus protocols. And that’s not all. With a new board and a new boss, he agrees that Seattle Grace-Mercy West needs a fresh start, so he proposes a name change: say hello to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The board agrees without any hesitation. Cue the tears.

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