American Idol 2013 Recap: Top 9 Performances! March 20, 2013

Which of the Top 9 contestants will be the one who was voted off American Idol 2013 this week? Well, we have our favorites we hope will shine during our live American Idol recap tonight, but it’s going to be a tough week for song choices. So anything and everything could happen this evening.

The theme for the American Idol Season Top 9 performance show is songs by "John Lennon and Paul McCartney" of the Beatles. There are so many amazing tunes the contestants could have gone with from this catalog. We had our dream list of song choices, but we love those unexpected "wow" moments when a singer chooses something totally out of the box for a theme night. So we’re hoping for at least a few of those tonight.

Which contestants will make the right song choices and which ones will be burned by the songs they hoped to conquer? Join us for our live American Idol 2013 recap and watch the performances with us!

We were really hoping for a song list leak this morning to find out what the American Idol Top 9 would be performing this week. Unfortunately, this season the producers decided to keep the information under wraps until they were finally leaked right before show time. Too bad, it's always a blast to try to figure out which leaked song will be performed by which contestant, but we didn't have time to play this week. Oh well, we'll find out what they will be singing soon enough!

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Now let's start the show and see if the contestants picked the right songs!

The American Idol Season 12 Top 9 are taking on the songs of the Beatles this week, as soon as host Ryan Seacrest gets done introducing the judges and the contestants. We have to say, btw, we are just loving on Lazaro Arbos’ hot yellow jacket tonight. 

Before we get to the performances, we have to endure a brief and somewhat tortuous video featuring Carly Rae Jepsen about how she’s going to ‘co-write’ a song with America to be performed on the American Idol 2013 season finale. If you happen to care, you can visit the Coca Cola Perfect Harmony feature on

Now Ryan is back to announce who the voters decided would be chosen as the 11th ‘wildcard’ member of the American Idols LIVE! Tour this summer. Amazingly, the viewers have apparently decided to choose the person with the better voice — who is far more boring — rather than the fun, quirky, entertaining contestant we’d much rather see get the gig. That’s right, Ryan announces it will be Aubrey Cleland who will be going out on tour, not Charlie Askew. On to the performances!

Kree Harrison Top 9 Performance: "With a Little Help From My Friends"

Judges: Keith Urban says he doesn’t think Kree will have any trouble getting by easily tonight with a little help from her many friends out there. Nicki Minaj says Kree always makes the perfect musical choices for her voice. "You just have started to become this superstar before our eyes." Nicki says she’s glad Kree really believes in herself now because she is the "total package." Randy Jackson says he thinks the performance was "the bomb" too. "We love you and it was a great way to start the show," he says. Mariah Carey says she "didn’t think it was good," she thought it was "fan-friggin’ tastic!"

Our Rating: 8 out of 10

Burnell Taylor Top 9 Performance: "Let It Be"

Judges: Nicki Minaj says Burnell "caressed" the song like a baby and she loves him. She was feeling his vibe and thinks it was a great performance. Randy Jackson says Burnell made the song his own, which may not be that difficult for Burnell considering he seems to have very little knowledge of the Beatles at all... Mariah Carey is, as usual, a big fan and thought Burnell rocked it again. Keith Urban, who oddly goes last this time, also thinks it was great.

Our Rating: 7 out of 10

Amber Holcomb Top 9 Performance: "She’s Leaving Home"

Judges: Randy Jackson says the song started off a bit wobbly and slow, but she got it by the end. She admits, when asked, she’d never heard of the song before singing it. Mariah Carey repeats the same question, apparently because her head was off in la-la land when Randy asked. She apologizes and admits she never heard the song either. Mariah liked Amber’s rendition, maybe because she’s never heard the Beatles do it. Keith Urban says this is his favorite Beatles song and Amber made a very old song, 46-years-old, new again. Nicki Minaj says Amber’s "vocal is unmatched" but she was too much in her head during her performance. "If it’s one week you aren’t doing a song you love, toughen it up," Nicki says. 

Our Rating: 7 out of 10

Lazaro Arbos Top 9 Performance: "My Life"

Judges: Mariah Carey says Lazaro is brave and courageous, but she has a hard time critiquing the song "because people are so attached" to it. She thinks it would have been better as a more acoustic, simple version of the song. Keith wishes Lazaro had started off in the key he finished the song in, because it was better with his voice. Nicki Minaj says she doesn’t feel like Lazaro is back to the guy she say in the beginning and being in a room with Jimmy Iovine is eroding his confidence. She says he is feeling too nervous. He used to own the stage but now he’s not and she feels like something is holding him back. Randy says it was Lazaro’s worst performance and he’s wondering "where did the vocals go" he had in the beginning? Poor Lazaro is in tears. He tells Randy he had to learn a new song the day before because the original one he chose was taken away for an unrevealed reason. 

Our Rating: 4 out of 10

Candice Glover Top 9 Performance: "Come Together"

Judges: Keith Urban loves the "rock chick" vibe from Candice tonight, but he thinks she could have gone even crazier if she wanted to because her vocals are sick.He says it was totally killer.Nicki Urban says Candice’s vocal was "insane, crazy, out of this world" but sometimes the attitude isn’t reflected in her face. Randy Jackson doesn’t know what is going on in her face, but "the voice is crazy!" He is really happy Candice did something up tempo instead of another ballad. Randy loves the playful side of her, but reminds her to remember to "own it." Mariah Carey says Candice murdered the song. The only thing that Mariah is missing is more experimenting with her voice and going where nobody else can go like she can.

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Paul Jolley Top 9 Performance: "Eleanor Rigby"

Judges: Very, very safe, bland and forgettable. Randy Jackson says Paul was disconnected from the song and he just never really got into it. Mariah says it was a great song choice. He needs to give as much emotional when he is singing softly as he is when he is belting it out. She doesn’t really get the country thing with him, she thinks he should get with a dance music producer. Keith says he didn’t like the falsetto at the end, but he likes the pop/rock edge he heard in the middle a bit. He doesn’t get the country thing either and thinks Paul sounds more like a pop/rock sort of singer.

Our Rating: 6 out of 10

Angie Miller Top 9 Performance: "Yesterday"

Judges: Randy Jackson says Angie has a rock vibe he loves and she should never be afraid to show that no matter who says what. Mariah Carey says Angie did a very "respectful" of the song and yet really showed her voice. Keith says watching Angie perform the song from beginning to end, he could see her stop thinking and really get into the song, and then get pulled out again. But through it all he could see her in it. Nicki Minaj says it was amazing and decides to test out the BLEEP on describing how good Angie is. She thinks Angie will be doing soundtracks to movies, Broadway, anything she wants to do with her voice because she is so fabulous.

Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Judges: Mariah loves it, loves it, loves it. She thinks it would be a horrible thing if America doesn’t vote him through. Keith Urban says his voice is great, but he needs Devin’s heart to be in there more. Nicki Minaj decides she has to give a shout out to the band, the pianist, etc. etc. before actually getting to her critique. She says she thinks Devin is very emotionally committed to his songs and he is very truthful. Randy Jackson says he thinks Devin "is back tonight" and he had been wondering where his swagger was and now it’s back. "That was great tonight," he says.

Our Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Janelle Arthur Top 9 Performance: "I Will"

Judges: Keith Urban says Janelle made her hometown very proud tonight and her voice was beautiful. Nicki Minaj wants to know if she and Janelle can renew their vows tonight. Janelle says yes, she is still her "marshmellow." Nicki says no, she’s a swan goddess tonight and she’s obsessed with her. She thinks Janelle was perfect and has an authentic, angelic tone. "Everything is so honest about you, I love it." Randy Jackson says "Janelle’s back tonight you guys." He thinks it is one of the best performances of the night.

Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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