Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Finale Recap: Lisa Fights Faye!

Have your cake  and spit it at people, too! In this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 finale, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd renewed their vows, while Faye Resnick just vowed to cause trouble. 

Who's Speaking For Whom?

We pick up the action at Lisa and Ken’s party to celebrate their 30th anniversary and their vow renewal. Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville realize that they were making progress with Marisa Zanuck before Faye interrupted their discussion. So Yolanda finds Marisa, and Brandi and Marisa resolve things, with Brandi saying she really thinks a hall pass would do Marisa some good. Uh, let it go, Brandi.

Then, it's time for the real trouble to begin. Faye is having words with Lisa — even though this is supposed to be Lisa's special day! — as Faye accuses Lisa of getting Brandi worked up and fighting her battles for her. Lisa says she considers this a major insult, and we can't say we blame Lisa. Is this really how Faye thinks Lisa wants to spend her anniversary party?

Brandi heads over to the discussion, and Faye brings up her disapproval about Brandi hooking up in the kids' bathroom at the White Party. Brandi maintains she was just kissing, which Faye still doesn't buy.

At this point, Kyle Richards has joined the group, too, and isn't happy with what's transpiring. Faye says this conversation is boring her, so Brandi tells her to leave - but not before Brandi says that she thinks Faye's last name is "Arsenic." We never knew that an element on the periodic table could be said as such an insult.

Meanwhile, Brandi is convinced that Faye is speaking for someone, since Faye doesn't really know her. So many accusations of people speaking for other people! And Lisa is offended that Kyle won't support her in the battle with Faye. Sounds like Kyle and Lisa are in need of another trip to the Eiffel tower for a quick chat-and-kiss, stat.

Regardless, Kim Doesn't Like the Word "Regardless"

Then, Kyle is mentioning to the group that Brandi hurt Adrienne Maloof, when suddenly Kim Richards takes great offense to the fact that Kyle didn't acknowledge that Brandi has hurt Kim, too. Suddenly, the Richards sisters go at it again.

Kyle tries to make amends with Kim by saying that Brandi hurt Adrienne "in addition to" Kim. But Kim doesn't like that, since Kim says Brandi's comments destroyed her life and shouldn't be made to sound "secondary." 

And then Kyle tries to move on by saying "regardless," but Kim repeats the word "regardless" about a thousand times. If we never hear the word "regardless" again, we won't complain.

Parting Ways

The surprises keep coming as Adrienne unexpectedly show up, clearly distraught following her recent split with Paul. Adrienne and Kyle are soon both in tears, as Adrienne explains that she and Paul hope to try counseling but have already filed papers to separate - which apparently is a thing in California. You learn something new everything day.

Adrienne then leaves without saying anything to Lisa. Lisa and Ken are surprised that Adrienne would show up and not try to make amends with them, while Adrienne is hurt that Lisa didn't come up to her to give her support with the divorce. Apparenly, neither Lisa nor Adrienne wanted to make the first move. 

Later, we see the ladies discussing whether Adrienne and Paul had a prenup, with Kyle saying that Paul would have gotten a lot more money had they stayed together for ten years instead of nine. Then again, a year can be a pretty long time.

Credit: Bravo

Brandi Saves the Day for Her Boyfriend

After Adrienne's departure, Lisa is distraught and wonders if she should still go forward with the vow renewal. Luckily, Brandi is there to remind her of how great her love is for Ken — and how disappointed Ken would be if they didn't go through with it. We love this scene, and it really is sweet to see Lisa and Brandi connecting like this.

Finally, we get to a truly upbeat moment in the episode, as Ken and Lisa exchange their heartfelt vows. We like how Lisa made that crack about how Ken can leave now, so he starts to actually walk away! Somehow, these two can make us cry and laugh at the same time.

And as Lisa and Ken share their chewed-up cake (30 years or not, this is still gross), we get brief updates on the ladies. The captions point out that Adrienne and Paul both moved on to much younger suitors, while Taylor is in love with her still-married attorney. And Lisa and Kyle don't see each other much, despite Kyle's store being right near Lisa's restaurant. Yikes.

Also, Brandi has a lot of sex. The more things change... 

Goodnight, Ladies

And so we sadly have to say goodbye to another wonderfully wacky season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There may have been lots o' drama during the finale — which Faye made sure of — but there were also some touching moments, too. For instance, Brandi and Lisa's friendship has been a highlight of the season, as has Yolanda's no-nonsense attitude which we now love. 

We also undertand where Faye was coming from in terms of feeling defensive for Adrienne's sake, even if we don't necessarily agree with Faye's methods.

And while Kim and Kyle's fight was certainly distressing, we'll still hoping for the best for them, as they appear to be quite close these days. Meanwhile, we really doubt Lisa and Kyle will ever see eye-to-eye. Sigh.

Regardless, we can't wait for Season 4. In the meantime, we could use a snack. Did anyone save us a piece of cake? Preferably one that hasn't been chewed yet?

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