Nashville Recap of Season 1, Episode 15: Gunnar Is the New Worst

After a month-long hiatus, you’d think that some of the relationships on Nashville would’ve just slipped out of our minds and we might have spent the entire hour thinking out loud like your mom watching The Real World ("Which boy is the one she’s sleeping with? Oh, and him too?"). But Season 1, Episode 15, "When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts" was just like our favorite pair of broken-in dungarees — a perfect fit for an evening of feelings revisited.Unfortunately, no matter how much we try and work out where the characters should go next, we’re still hung up on what they did wrong. Somehow, half a dozen of our favorite Music City-ans kind of effed up, and there ain’t no easy way, no there ain’t no easy way out (to quote Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). Here’s what happened:

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Gunnar and Scarlett The last time we saw the pair, Gunnar (Sam Palladio) had just found out his brother died, so naturally he and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) hooked up. Until now, we weren’t sure what had happened. But they make it real clear real fast: they totes boned. Unfortch, when they wake up, Gunns is all "It doesn’t have to mean anything," and Scarlett is miffed.

Then Gunnar blows off the showcase he and Scarlett were supposed to play for Rayna, and so Scarlett has to audition solo. Meanwhile, Gunnar goes to talk to the detectives who are supposed to investigate his bro’s murder, but the cop is all "your brother is a low life and he shouldn’t have gone to that sketchy-ass bar." Naturally, Gunnar has to go track it down after showing up drunk to the house and being like "Oh, sorry about your little showcase, but now I drink booze out of paper bags and don’t touch me or pity me because I’m the worst now." And then he stomps off.

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Scarlett enlists Deacon’s help to track down Gunnar, and reveals his DARK SECRET (read down for more info) and is like "Hold onto Scarlett." When they get home, Gunnar apologizes and they both go to bed. But sometime around midnight, Gunnar loses himself for a minute or two and they meet in the hallway and the room’s suddenly spinning and there’s a change in their emotions, and she’s like "I don’t pity you," and he’s like "it wasn’t a mistake," and then he scoops her off her feet and carries her off to the boneyard. Fail: He closes the door on our voyeuristic needs.But — just to throw a wrench into the whole "it’s all good now" Gunnlett — Scar gets a call from Rayna’s people the morning after doing it, and they want to sign her to a solo record deal. So...

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Rayna and Everyone

Ugh, Rayna’s life is really stressing us out and we need her to be like "WHAT WOULD CONNIE BRITTON DO?!"

  • Rayna and Teddy (Eric Close): Apparently, the deal is that the duo is going to split the house and the kids will stay there all the time. Which, wow, that sounds really awkward. Does that mean they’ll sleep in the same bed, just not when the other one is there? Who changes the sheets — the departee or the arriver? We’re so confused. Anyway, the bottom line is that they are both fairly awful at communicating, so there are some phones hung up. Maddie (Lennon Stella) lies to Teddy and goes to Juliette’s secret concert (more later) and gets hurt and goes to the hospital. Rayna yells at Teddy for letting their teenage (?) daughter lie to him and Teddy tells Rayna she isn’t all that and a bag of Ruffles herself. In the end, Rayna is able to bring Maddie a guitar to help her feel her feelings. Possible for profit someday?

  • Rayna and Juliette: After Rayna’s daughter gets hurt at J’s show, Rayna calls her and yells. "You don’t take responsibility for anything! You hurt people around you all the time. Wake up!" and then hangs up on her, which shouldn’t make the 30-odd dates they have remaining on the tour awkward at all.

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Juliette and Everyone

When we last saw Juliette (Hayden Panettiere), she was managing herself pretty fairly, except that she had to skip most of the party she planned for Deacon because Mama Jolene (Sylvia Jefferies) got drunk.

  • Juliette and her people: She blows off the label’s advice about how to market her next album and tweets (TWEETS) to her followers that a show is going to happen and they should come. When it goes awry (SURPRISE!), she refuses to take responsibility and yells a lot. After being yelled at by Rayna, she becomes less awful and pays the hospital bills for her fans who were injured.

  • Juliette and Jolene and Dante: They’re all in talk therapy but Juliette is like "you don’t know my life" and so she brushes everyone off until she hears her mom crying about what a failure she is. After the talking-to she gets from Rayna, she admits that she’s made some mistakes and apologizes, then invites Jolene and Dante (Jay Hernandez) on her tour.

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Deacon When he’s not making that one face you know we’re referring to, he’s pretty perfect. He takes his nameless young yeller dog to the vet and obvi there’s a hot doc named Stacey (Susan Misner) who makes fun of him for his "truck driver" appearance, tells him she hates country music, criticizes him for not naming his dog, and then has an afternoon delight with him while the other animals of Nashville must suffer silently with nothing but a Sarah McLachlan infomercial to assuage their pain.

Deax rescues Maddie from the falling things at Juliette’s concert and brings her a stuffed animal to the hospital, remarking (foreshadowing-ly) that she’s "like family." Good one, ABC. Back at home, he and Coleman talk and Coleman accuses Deax of being "strung out on Rayna Jaymes" before telling him he needs to take Stacey out on a proper date. So he goes to the hospital and offers up his charm. She obvi says yes because she’s not blind or celibate.

In other news, we find out what happened back in the day: Deacon didn’t cause an accident, but he let it happen. Years ago, his best friend Vince drove drunk and hit a tree and died, which made Deacon "dark inside" and also caused him to lose "the only woman he ever loved." He then tells Gunnar to stop effing things up with Scarlett, rescues him from a band of bikers, and goes off to name his boy dog "Sue."

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Avery Barkley and His Continued Journey of Self Avery goes to talk to Dominic and Marilyn about his music, only to find that it’s been remixed into a dubstep style, which is apparently too douchey, even for Avery. When he tells Marilyn he hates the music, Dominic is like "I’m Wyclef Jean and you are nobody and my shirt is solid on the front and plaid in the back, so RESPECT!"

And, because he’s a petulant child, Avery goes to the studio, steals the masters, and sets a trashcan fire. When Dom finds out he’s like "I think not, I’ll send a letter to my friends about this born again hooligan!" so Avery gives back the money and car he received, and then goes to the Bluebird open mic to play a song about feelings. It’s very deep.

Teddy Besides being a D-Bag to Rayna, he also tells throws a press conference announcing Coleman (Robert Wisdom) as his Deputy Mayor, tells Lamar (Powers Boothe) they’re not using his land for a stadium after all, and otherwise makes himself a target. So, good luck to him.

Burning Questions:

1. Will Lamar unleash a full attack against Teddy and Coleman?
2. Will the new-and-improved Juliette stick around?
3. Will Rayna come out ahead of Teddy in the long run?
4. Will Scarlett’s success threaten her relationship with Gunnar as it did with Avery?
5. Will we ever care about Avery? 

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