The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Recap — Who Died? Who Survived? Are You Upset?

Seriously? The Governor is still alive? How is that a "satisfying ending"?

The Walking Dead
Season 3 finale — Episode 16, "Welcome to the Tombs" — has now come and gone. Milton died. Carl went rogue and killed a teenage kid that never should've died. The Governor also went rogue, on a larger scale, and killed many of his own Team Woodbury people, including Allen. And Andrea died. When Milton turned, he bit her. It looked like she was going to get free but, as she put it, "I tried." That's all she did, but she also failed. It's frustrating. 

At this point, The Governor is ... somewhere. Tyreese and company are back at the prison, along with a bus filled with Woodbury people. Carl doesn't seem happy about that, but Carl is on a path to be the new Governor. Unless you think he's being reasonable?

How do you feel about this season finale? Was it all you hoped it would be? Do you feel a little letdown? 

Read on for a full recap of Episode 16:

ANOTHER EYEBALL CLOSEUPThe first shot of the Season 3 premiere was of a zombie eyeball. The first shot of the finale is of The Gov’s one good eye. Although, can we really call it a "good" eye? We see him beating on someone, then hear that it’s not Andrea, it’s Milton. Oh, Milton. You had to know he was going to end up in this position when he openly defied The Gov. "Time for you to graduate." "You kill or you die." "What would your daughter think about what you are?" "She’d be afraid of me. But if I’d been like this from the start she’d be alive today." Milton wants to know if The Gov killed Andrea. So Gov brings Milton to see Andrea. He needs to use her for something. Milton grabs The Gov’s tools, but drops something for Andrea.

THE GOV WANTS MILTON TO KILL ANDREAIt’s Milton’s way of proving himself. He can’t leave the room until he does it. Kill or die. These people would love Game of Thrones. NICE move from Milton to try and kill The Gov instead. Well played, sir.

FIRST DEATH OF THE FINALE...Milton. (Eventually, anyway.) At least he tried. Oh but The Gov isn’t done being sadistic. He stabs Milton, but not through the head. He leaves him to turn into a walker so he can attack Andrea. You kill or you die … or you die and you kill. So many options!

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE PRISON...Everyone is packing up. It looks like they are leaving the prison. Carl looks at an old family photo and Rick’s sheriff’s badge. Carl is pissed at his dad? Is it for the Michonne lie, and even considering the idea? Glenn: "I’ve never seen him this mad. Even with Lori." Rick: "He’s still a kid. It’s easy to forget." You have two kids, Rick. Forget that too? He sees Lori again. She’s more present now than she ever was when she was alive. At least she’s quiet now. Daryl and Carol have a moment. Daryl says Merle never did anything like that his whole life. Carol says he gave them a chance. Yeah, but the also got Woodbury fired up against them because they think Team Prison killed those eight people instead of just Merle. Michonne understands that Rick had to consider the deal. He apologizes but she gets it. She also thanks him for taking her in. Bonding session! Future romance? They would make a hot couple. Just saying. She's less of a Lady Macbeth than Lori. Carl made the call to keep Michonne, Rick said. "He said you belonged here. You’re one of us." Carl also fired his dad as leader a couple of episodes back. Is Carl going to defy his dad?

THE GOVERNOR MAKES ANOTHER SPEECHIt’s like two rival football teams on Friday night. Rick makes his speeches. The Gov tells Woodbury they’re ready to fight. Who will be the state champions?

TYREESE & SASHA ARE OUTYes! Good for them. They tell The Gov to count them out. They didn’t sign up for a war with people. They know who is at the prison. They say they will stay and defend the children of Woodbury. The Gov gives them a gun. Says "thank you." A lot of thanking going on right now.

ATTACK ON THE PRISONThe Woodbury group opens fire on the prison grounds, helpfully disposing of most of the walkers they led there a few episodes ago. But are there any people left to kill here? Team Prison set up booby traps before they left, ala Morgan. Oh the heartbeat music is starting.

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Milton on The Walking Dead

INSIDE THE PRISONThe Gov and company are inside — hence the title, "Welcome to the Tombs"? — but no one is there. Ambush?

BIBLE VERSEThe Gov finds a highlighted Bible verse: "29 - And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation." So both sides are screwed. It’s not like Team Prison is completely angelic.

SAVE YOURSELF, ANDREA!Before Milton turns, he tells Andrea about the pliers he dropped. He wants her to stab him with something sharp once she’s free. So he’s in the Monty Python zone now - he’s not dead yet.

TOUR OF THE PRISONWould you do this? If you’re Team Woodbury, would you go wandering through this prison, knowing it’s their home turf? You are giving the other side the advantage in this dark place you don’t know. The place is creepy even if you know what’s coming.

TYREESE & SASHA DON’T LIKE THISThey consider slipping out out of Woodbury, once the group comes back.

HURRY UP, ANDREAShe needs to get MacGyver with those pliers. But Milton is taking A LONG time to die. He wants to know why she came back. She wanted to save everyone, including The Gov. Even Milton wonders why she didn’t kill The Gov. "I didn’t want anyone to die." No time for talking, girl. Get those tools going. Not that Glenn would have a problem. Remember when he took on that walker in Woodbury? Stud.

THEY KINDA PULLED AN ANDREWWhen that prison alarm goes off it just makes your heart thump. Team Prison folks are dressed in guard uniforms shooting at Team Woodbury. You had to know they were planning an ambush. Some prison folks are in the woods, just watching. Too easy?

ARE WE SURE CARL ISN’T SHANE’S BABY TOO?In the woods, Carl has his gun on some Woodbury kid who is about to drop his weapon. He drops it, but not before Carl drops him. Carl shot him. CARL HAS GONE ROGUE, Y’ALL. The child soldier is a future Governor?

TEAM PRISON IS BACK INSIDEWhat do they do next? Beth has the baby. Rick kisses the baby. Uh oh. Is that a bad sign. Carl says he’s going with them to Woodbury. Carl took out one of the Governor’s "soldiers." Hershel calls him out. He wasn’t a soldier. He was a kid running away. "He gunned that kid down." Carl says the kid drew, Rick said. He’s one of those parents. Not my kid! It’s bad enough that Carl did that, but to not even see what he did wrong … scary.

THE GOVERNOR GOES NUTS … KILLS HIS OWN!Not that he was ever well, but when some Woodbury folks said they weren’t up for going back to kill more Team Prisoners, The Gov massacred them, including Allen — who was ready to do more fighting! He wasn’t even against The Gov. At least Rick never went that crazy! Only a few people survived.

MILTON IS FINALLY DYINGWay to make us impatient for the guy to die! Andrea picks up the pliers with her feet and drops them before they get to her hand. This plotline, like all the Andrea plotlines this season, is being stretched out too long. She finally gets the pliers but pauses before freeing herself, to stare at Milton.

CARL FRIGHTENS MERick tells Carl Hershel told him about the boy. "He had a gun," Carl said. "Was he handing it over?" "He had just attacked us." Oh he IS a Governor in training. "Was he handing it over?" "I couldn’t take the chance. I didn’t kill the walker who killed Dale, look what happened. You didn’t kill Andrew, and he came back and killed mom. You were in a room with The Governor and you let him go, and then he killed Merle. I did what I had to do. Now go. So he doesn’t kill any more of us" RATIONALIZATION. Deflect blame from yourself to your accuser. Never take responsibility. Play the self-righteous martyr. I fear for Carl. I am afraid of Carl.

ANDREA IS STILL SITTING THERE AS MILTON TURNSTip: Don’t just stare at someone who is turning into a zombie. Really. Now you hurry? This plot was a cool twist earlier in the episode, but after being milked so much, it’s hard to even feel sorry for her. But of course she’ll survive. (Or not.)

RICK & COMPANY REACH WOODBURYTyreese and company shoot at them, until a woman from Woodbury, Karen, calls out to Tyreese and tells him how The Governor killed everyone. Team Prison saved her. Rick told Tyreese they came there to finish things. So … while they are in Woodbury, what’s happening to The Gov and the other prison folks? Tyreese learns some of the dirty details about The Gov, like how he held Glenn and Maggie.

ANDREA IS BIT!They reach Andrea’s room and open the door. They see Milton dead. Michonne runs to Andrea, who is alive. She’s sick again, like at the start of the season. AND SHE’S BIT! Dang it. Why didn’t she work harder to get those dang pliers? Wow. They really did a disservice to her character this season. She lives so much longer in the comics. Why couldn’t they have her get redemption by killing The Governor? She didn’t want anyone to die, but … well, she’s the anti-Carl. Carl doesn’t mind killing everyone. We hear the gunshot behind the closed door, as Michonne sobs. "I tried."

Everyone is still at the prison at the end of the season. It's a quiet ending. No mouths agape. Tyreese leads a bus filled with Woodbury people into the prison. Rick tells Carl they are going to join the group. Carl walks away. Carl is trouble. Hershel is welcoming. "Welcome to the Tombs"! Where is The Governor? And why are they all at the prison? Why not go to Woodbury, where they have cold drinks?


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