Were You Satisfied With Glee's Season 1 Finale? (SPOILERS!)

While over 11 million people tuned in last night to watch Glee's season 1 finale, Journey (yes, the real finale, not to be confused with the fall finale which was really just the season's halfway point), its success in numbers doesn't necessarily mean that it won big in feedback. A lot went down as expected (Regionals, birth, another Will-Emma kiss), and there was plenty resolved (I guess), but was it too neatly wrapped-up? What happened to a good old-fashioned cliffhanger? Where was the exciting season 2 set-up?

If you read my tweets, I mentioned that I was already tearing up the second they broke out into "Any Way You Want It" (um, best Journey song ever!). But that was only about 27 minutes in, and I didn't get any more emotional for the whole extended duration of the episode. Okay, so my heart strings were tugged just a tad at a few moments following, but it wasn't the poignant, hilarious, triumphant, all-encompassing emotional rollercoaster I was counting on. A letdown? Not quite... but kind of.

Overall, while I certainly didn't hate it, I found that each of the episode's high notes were matched by a corresponding "WTF?" moment that sort of left things unsatisfying for me. Just to name a few...

PRO: Puck + Mr. Schue + acoustic duet = WIN

CON: Wait... that was the end?! WTF? I literally watched about 5 minutes of the news afterwards, waiting for it to come back... and then it didn't. Close-up on Will's cheesy smile, and then FADE OUT? What the heck?

PRO: I think it was a smart, "realistic" choice for New Directions to not win; after all, Vocal Adrenaline was pretty awesome, and they have a bunch of SYTYCD alumni on their side...

CON: Aural Intensity? Really? (edit: Thanks to user @itastenice for clearing up the name for me. I seriously thought it was "Oral Intensity")

PRO: I loved how they revealed that Sue secretly voted for New Directions in the judging panel -- keyword: SECRETLY! -- 'but''...

CON: Though it was in her signature back-handed way, I still don't think Sue should have just given the choir room back in the strangely benevolent way she did. Like, "Congrats! You have another year! This is an alternate universe in which I'm not afraid to admit that I respect what you guys do!" ...I think it could have been handled in a much more clever way that a) didn't make her break character in front of Will, and b) set up a challenge for the second season.

PRO: Some people were put off by it, but I thought the mash-up of Vocal Adrenaline's performance and the tortured sounds of Quinn's labor was a pretty Glee-tastic way to approach the scene.

CON: I literally groaned when I realized Shelby Corcoran was going to adopt Puck & Quinn's baby. Sorry Shelby, but I'm pretty sure you can't just swing by the hospital and pick up a baby for yourself.

What did you think of the finale? Was it everything you wanted & more, or do you wish they did things differently? Weigh in below!



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Jun 9, 2010 7:45PM EDT

1. I thought this was a great way to end it, Glee has never really done cliffhangers, and I'm pretty sure people will watch next season anyway, not just to see what happens after the finale, like so many other shows.
2. 'Aural' intensity. I thought it was quite a clever pun.
3. I agree, It felt very forced, and completely went against how sue has been portrayed throughout the season. Having said that, the fact that she did it for the kids, and no other reason, is sort of in keeping with sue's secret nice side.
4. I agree again, It really seems like the whole idina menzel storyline is being rewritten after every episode, and sometimes even mid-episode - like last weeks.

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Jun 9, 2010 7:56PM EDT

@itastenice: OMG. Aural Intensity. Genius. I'm so glad you set me straight -- that is too good! When did they show that? When Sue was writing in her vote??
The "seriously?" was more because a Josh Groban-Olivia Newton John mash-up was the worst idea ever, but now I think I love them just because of the name.

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Jun 10, 2010 8:28PM EDT

so i thought this was a great way to end glee . quinn having her baby ?! thats great although maybe she shouldve kept it ? it wouldnt added a great twist to next seaosn ! cant wait !

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