Alex's Reality Rant: Beat The Heat With These 5 Amazingly Lame Summer Reality Shows!

I'd like to use the fact that it's summer (aka the "off-season") as my excuse for the increasing lameness in my TV watching habits, but who am I kidding? I devour reality TV like it's my job (well, 'cause it kind of is), 24/7, 365 days a year, and there's nothing I can blame except for my unquenchable thirst for drama. That being said, given the fact that the summer does provide a bit more time for me really delve into what the realm of reality shows has to offer (less quality television to distract me from my reality TV ways, you see), I've picked up the habit of getting hooked on some "intriguing" just-for-summer shows, like The Real Housewives of New Jersey, for one (how did I avoid getting sucked into the 'Housewives' series before this?), as well as upcoming new series like Bachelor Pad. So if you're looking for a carefree, trashy (no offense) show to sink your teeth into while you cool off indoors during these hot summer months, here are 5 ridiculous reality shows worth checking out this season, no commitment (or thinking) required:

1. Big Brother

I know Big Brother has been around for awhile and has quite the die-hard fanbase, but I've just never gotten into it. Well, I hardly require much convincing beyond a few tempting commercials that hint at plenty of drama and awkwardness to come, so with all the hype surrounding the newest season (which just premiered last week), consider me the show's newest convert. While I'm still trying to figure things out, ie: who is this elusive "Brother" they speak of? Whose brother is he? & more importantly, what's up with this new "Saboteur" factor? Also, 3 episodes a week is sort of sparking a bit of a commitment phobia in me, but I'm not going to worry too much about staying religiously caught up. That's what SideReel is for, right?

2. Dating in the Dark

If you've never watched Dating in the Dark, you're missing out. But don't worry -- on August 9th you'll have a brand new chance to jump on the bandwagon. Let me paint you a picture: Guy meet girl. Guy asks girl on a date. Guy makes a move and accidentally puts his hand where it shouldn't be because he can't see a damn thing. Oh, did I mention that this is all in complete darkness? Cue awkward fumbling, delightfully uncomfortable makeout sessions with people they've literally never seen before, and lots of hilariously horrified faces when their suitors are finally revealed in the light of day. GENIUS.

3. Bachelor Pad

This show, also premiering on August 9th, boasts a fairly simple premise: a bunch of Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects are thrown into one house, where they drink themselves silly, compete in a slew of ridiculous contests that have no real meaning, and basically hook up all the time. If this doesn't immediately equate to "awesomeness" in your brain, you may never understand.

4. Plain Jane

MTV's upcoming makeover show, which premieres this month on July 28th, is bound to be plenty entertaining. After watching some of the preview clips, I was kind of annoyed that they pretty much gave away the whole thing... until I realized that there's a NEW loser every episode who will be even more awkward and desperate for help than the previous one! Sign me up!

5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I'm pretty sure I've never been to Patterson, New Jersey, but if all the chicks there do that awesome "girllllllfrennnnn" ghetto-fab side-to-side head bob that Teresa Giudice has perfected, I think I may have secretly been born there. When you marathon every RHONJ episode back-to-back like I did, you sort of become jaded to the ridiculousness.. that is, until you watch last Monday's episode. It tops the cake. All cakes. Ever. Do it.

Have you been watching/planning to watch any of these summer TV gems? Weigh in below, good or bad welcome, in comments!


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