Alex's Reality Rant: My 10 Favorite Reality Stars To Stalk On Twitter

Hey SideReelers. As you probably already know, I'm all about tweeting fan updates and venting my TV-related frustrations on Twitter. But aside from serving as an outlet for sharing my own opinions with the cyber world, Twitter is also extremely useful for keeping tabs on my favorite reality stars. After all, practically everybody and their moms are on Twitter (seriously, Justin Bieber's mom has over 97,000 followers), and most of them are complete attention whores, so they don't hesitate to pick fights, share intimate details about their lives, and in same cases, follow you back. So without further ado, here are 10 Twitter-addicted reality stars that never fail to spice up my homepage:

1. Spencer Pratt @spencerpratt

What I love most about Spencer's Twitter, besides the hilarious shamelessness of his many shameless plugs, is the fact that he will follow anyone who so much as name-drops him via tweet. Seriously. Tweet "Spencer Pratt," or even just "Speidi." Nothing else is needed. He will follow you.

2. Clinton Kelly @clinton_kelly

Even outside of What Not to Wear, Clinton offers generous fashion Dos & Don'ts via tweet updates. A recent favorite: "Just saw a woman wearing a gigantic gold starfish necklace and matching baby starfish earrings. Ok, we get it, you love starfish. Wtf."

3. Snooki @Sn00ki

Unfortunately, the poor girl can't spell to save her life (but did you expect her to be able to?), but she's a must-follow for any Jersey Shore viewer. Mostly because it's completely dumbfounding to see what kind of crazily amazing opportunities these kids are getting just for being on that show!

4. Chris Harrison @chrisbharrison

The host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is like a walking cornball. Everything he says is best followed by either an enthusiastic knee slap, or an "aw, shucks!" His Twitter updates are no different. Don't bother trying to squeeze spoilers out of him, though. He's useless for that.

5. Maksim Chmerkovskiy @MaksimC

It's simple really -- he's hot and he knows it, so he likes to post pictures. A lot. HeyyyyOooOo!

6. Steve Ward @stevenbward

Got a pressing relationship issue that's got you down? Need advice? Just want to hit on the Tough Love star? Just tweet @stevenbward, and chances are, you'll get a public reply. Can't promise it'll be a nice one, though.

7. Tabatha Coffey @tabathacoffey

Actually, I lied. Tabatha is totally boring on Twitter. I follow her anyway, praying for the day that she will start posting snappier updates, but they have yet to come. Realistically all she does is reply to people, and not even with her signature snotty 'tude.

8. Dr. Drew @drdrew

Is it weird that I find him strangely attractive? I wonder what he'd have to say about that...

9. Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian

When I'm not busy sifting through all her sponsored ad tweets (can you imagine your tweets being worth thousands?), sometimes I enjoy peeking at her pics and trying to copy her makeup. Not like she does it herself or anything...

10. Tyra Banks @tyrabanks

If you already thought she was completely nuts from watching her crazy antics on TV, her Twitter will only confirm that for you. From the looks of it, when she's not doing anything important, she likes to sit in front of her laptop and take pictures of herself... & then plaster them in tiled form all over her Twitter page.

& of course, don't forget to follow me (yes, I'm bit of an attention whore myself) @sidereelAlex. You may not always agree with me, but I can promise to be at least mildly entertaining! ;)


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