And the Winner of the "Doctor Who" Wired Magazine Giveaway Is...

Two weeks ago, we announced that SideReel was giving away just one limited-edition "Doctor Who" issue of Wired Magazine, in anticipation of the 5th season's premiere! We asked users: Which year or era would you travel to if given control of the TARDIS for a day and why?

Out of a total of 18 entries, we've carefully selected one that we found to be both clever and creative! And the winner of the "Doctor Who" giveaway is...

thomtinuviel, who said:

''My journey would be the most epic of epic journeys. And by this I mean to say...twould be epic.

I would use the TARDIS to visit an esteemed, mystical land known as "Hollywood."

And then it'd get real.

With desperate hope in my heart and a vicious sonic screwdriver in my grasp, I'd use my BA Converse Chuck Taylor's to bust down the door of the most sinister fortress in all this oppressive landscape. The words on this door would read not "Bad Wolf," but something altogether more ominous: "FOX."

Using my wiles and wits (and the occasional corporal shrub as cover), I'd make my way to the epicenter of the building and into the conference room, where I'd judo-chop all apprehenders in an attempt to reach the evil android running the operation.

"How's this for 'science-fiction series can't maintain an audience'?!" I'd cry, pulling him up by his lapels. "So what if Whedon's latest doesn't have cat nuns or OOD! It's's got Adam Baldwin!"

With that handy dandy screwdriver looming over his head, Mr. Random Chairman would suddenly feel very fond of spaceships.

The year is 2003. The era of television's greatest folly.

And with my help, Firefly shall be spared.

Science fiction FTW, indeed.''

Congrats! If you're bummed about not winning, there's still a week left in our Fugitive Chronicles giveaway, and don't forget to stay tuned for more loot SideReel will be giving away soon!

Doctor Who premieres this Saturday on BBC America!


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